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New track out today

I’m happy to announce that today is new music day!

Deep music, so find your link of choice and make some space to listen to this.

Beneath the Eyes
by Elliott Fienberg

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Visit my Instagram for an exclusive video recorded inside the Bagel Factory where I talk about some background info about the track and the artwork.

Liner notes from the kitchen:

Ok this one is heavy I'm not gonna lie. It's not really possible to produce tracks like this every month because for starters it's emotionally exhausting to work through.

I wrote this on the morning of Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. While I don't personally repent for sins, I thought it was a great time to channel the memories of the people who came before us.

Yes, there are writer's tears in this music like the name of that whiskey, but I would rather we use this time to reflect on how we can be and feel connected to each other rather than apart.

For this reason my ancestors are great and all but I'm more interested in our collective memories as people. Reflecting on these memories so that we can not repeat the same mistakes. Working on the operations of addition and multiplication rather than subtraction and division.

So what is 'beneath the eyes'? Infinite space. Your mind can access the same infinite space that exists beyond our atmosphere if you just give it the time of day.

Your mission is to find a quiet space to play this track, probably on headphones and report back what happens to you on a piece of paper afterwards. If the work was easy it wouldn't be important. Don't shy away from difficult experiences and feelings. Healing is always around the corner.

Thanks for joining along for this journey with me.