Calling in Faith

I’m writing this introduction in my towel after taking a bath that was a bit too hot. The kind where you have to backtrack halfway through with some cold water out of fear you will emerge from the vessel as a lizard.

This week I started to take ownership over the fact that I operate an unsuccessful podcast. And I didn’t come to that realization in any sense of pity or self-doubt, but as a source of pride and excitement. Because when you operate an unsuccessful podcast (or any creative venture), you have full permission to experiment and have fun. So I think this week’s podcast is very good.

Trading in my high-fidelity audio equipment for my phone, I talk about how I had to call in faith this week after I had a day where I only got 20 minutes of work done. I play my newest track, and I talk about a great interview I heard this week with one of my all-time heroes Béla Fleck.

If 20 minutes could change your life, I’m sure you’d hit play on this podcast because it just might change your life.

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When the muse has seemingly abandoned you, call in faith to know that it will return just like the sun that dipped behind the horizon line for the night. Because the sun is always shining somewhere on this world even when we can’t see it. We just have to trust that it’s there. (link)

Shana Tova (Happy New Year) to everyone ringing in Hebrew year 5782 this week. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend if your nation is celebrating one.

Elliott “Nebula Cheese” Fienberg