Darth Vader was in the Grocery Store

A long weekend seems like a good time to take a break from doing a podcast episode, so this week is the one. Next week I return with an episode about the perplexing genre of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, and how an unlikely style of music has become the new sound of Muzak helping people find their flow in doing deep work.

Until then, I will share some other things that caught my attention lately.

Let’s start with this work of art:

The thing that couldn’t be captured with a photograph was the sound of his voice, a replica of Darth Vader’s behind that 3M mask, followed by a shield. The kitchen gloves are a nice touch.

I don’t want you to take me for someone who judges people, especially since an abundance of caution is totally valid and everyone must do what they feel is right to be comfortable these days. But I thought that this man well summed up the state of the world in a photograph, like that Afghani girl on the cover of National Geographic back in 1985 with those beautiful green eyes.

Yet this time instead of the eyes it’s bright pink dust covers, which I checked did not come with the mask as he chose those himself. Let’s just be grateful that this did not become the norm and that people haven’t been wearing tie-die gas mask covers. For now that is.

I love Ryoji Ikeda’s work. He’s someone who I feel has cracked the code of creativity wide open and can dance circles around the media art world as a result. Check this short little video about him on the site Nowness.

Reflecting on Ryoji’s work might help you identify what your aesthetic or style is. Does this harsh, monochromatic and glitchy look resonate with you? Not many artists push such simple ideas to the extreme and have you contemplate as a result.

Upcoming Dates

I thought it would be helpful to start setting dates for things I’m looking to finish, and announce them here.

Thursday July 15: Audiobook for my book This Book Will be a Failure is released, with an accompanying live discussion. Free tickets will be available by the end of the week to help you add it to your calendar.

Thursday July 29: My newest release goes up on Spotify and Apple Music, with a live stream to accompany it.

Everything ok?

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Until next week, grab a half-dozen bagels and sit in the sun.

Elliott “Sesame” Fienberg