Deodorant Reviews Inside

Golf and Free MP3s too!

The most important thing about this week’s podcast is that I reviewed some deodorants. Every once in a while I revisit this frustrating issue, so listen in to find out why it’s an awful product category to research.

I also talk about the controversial topic of golf! Because it’s the sport of choice for most artists, creative types and socialists in general 😛. But I have uncovered many connections between learning this sport, and possibly all sports in general to the process of learning music.

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Increasing Access to Clean Music Listening Experiences

This week I had the epiphany that my mission is to increase access to my music. Similar to how Bill Gates is all about providing clean water and sanitation to developing economies, I need to provide access to my music for everyone, whether they are on a streaming service or not. So at the bottom of this newsletter, I provide you with some MP3 files hosted on my Google Drive.

I’m on Cool Tools!

This week I’m featured on Cool Tools’ What’s In My Bag series. Check it out here. Thanks Claudia for asking me to submit this one. You can also look at their newsletter Recommendo which I love reading every week. I always find something useful in it.

Discussion time

Where do you like to listen to podcasts the most? This would help me provide the best links to mine in future.

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Free MP3 Downloads

Here are two tracks that were on this week’s podcast for you to download.

Hope you have a great week 💚 🥯 ☕️ !

Elliott “Mulligan” Fienberg