It's Inner Critic Week!

And stunning sunset photos inside

This morning I was assembling the final touches to this week’s podcast, and I got a little frustrated by having to open Photoshop to resize the artwork. And then I had to pinch myself. I had to remind myself about what had to happen in order for there to be computers, let alone tablets that I can draw on with a pen (iPad with Procreate). To be able to send that file over to another computer that is as thin as a clipboard (Macbook Air). To then resize the image, pair it with some audio and be able to share it with an infinite number of humans without leaving my chair.

For starters the Earth is around 4.5 billion years in the works, and the universe we know is around 13.8 billion years in the making. This shit took time! And here I am being antsy about moving files around on my computers that are made of rare metals that were all part of those processes I just listed above. To say nothing about what it took for humans to evolve to the point where they could figure out how to harness the power of those metals.

It’s pretty hilarious actually. I hope you can remember that when you get antsy with all the technology and engineering around us this week. And if anything take a chance to marvel at it all.

Those cars that plug into the wall at night? Crazy!

Working With Your Inner Critic

I’m not sure how this topic came up, I think I took a bath at some point this week and when I emerged I realized that this is the most important thing to talk about. The funniest thing about being in a bath or a sauna is you would think you can take the time to relax but instead your mind doesn’t shut up for one second! The more relaxing the situation, the louder your mind will go.

So I talk about the inner critic in context with making music, but I approach this from a point of view that anyone can work with.

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I will end this by asking you two questions to chew on. What does your inner critic sound like in your head? Does it sometimes morph and take the shape of other people in your life?

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Insane sunset last night. Not even a filter on here. The colours kept crying out and the contrast kept getting more intense. It was overwhelming to experience such beauty (queue the scene from American Beauty with the plastic bag flying around).

One from the Sony:

Alright I’m off. Time to thank my inner critic and hit send on this email.

Have a great day and enjoy an Autumn Leaves bagel. If you like my work you can buy me a coffee but writing me back to say hello just as good.

Elliott “Sunset Chaser” Fienberg