Let's Go to Hawaii

And catch Elliott in the Act

Today’s episode of Elliott’s Podcast takes a look at my inspiration in Hawaiian music, but more specifically the Americanized take on it that might be up for controversy.

You enjoy controversy, right? You want to try to catch me saying something that I shouldn’t have said, right? Then listen in! 

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Songs played in this episode: 

  • Honolulu March - Ben Hokea 

  • Sweet Leilani - Lawrence Welk 

  • Sweet Leilani - Ray Coniff 

  • Yellow Bird - Arthur Lyman 

  • The Enchanted Sea - Martin Denny 

  • That Time the Earth Stood Completely Still - Elliott Fienberg (link)

Listen to the songs on this week’s Four Track Snack Pack: Spotify | YouTube

In other news, I made a chopped salad this week that had tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese in it. I have trouble eating tomatoes on their own outside of sandwiches and pizza/pasta, but once in a while I make an effort to eat them.

I will keep at it this week I guess and try the chopped salad again. Because it’s sometimes nice to eat whole foods, you know when you actually know what the food is?

Maybe the tomatoes will grow on me, or maybe they will start to actually grow inside me? haha

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(illustration of the bagel that i’m about to eat)

Hope you enjoy my podcast. Everyone loves you.


Elliott “Spamstein” Fienberg