My Coffee Ritual

Seeing how this newsletter is called The Sunday Bagel, it would only be fitting that I have a podcast episode devoted to my morning coffee ritual.

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Something I didn’t get into here was the reason why we have such intense headaches when we stop drinking coffee. It’s because coffee restricts blood flow to the brain, so when you stop drinking it you get headaches from all the blood rushing back into the brain. This makes me think that one would think way clearer without this dependency, yet the benefit of the energy boost is more important for most of us.

Do you have any brewing tips to share? How do you feel about or collective addiction to the bean?

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I’ve been enjoying this documentary produced by Gibson on metal guitarist Dave Mustaine from the band Megadeath. It’s his story of resilience after he was excommunicated from Metallica following a car crash on a tour, just before the band ascended to the top of their industry.

Today I’m out in the Niagara region celebrating UPS Jordin and Mira’s wedding. Mazel tov to the special couple!

Have a great day and week ahead. I have new music out this week which I’ll update you about on Thursday. See you soon!