New Track and Livestream

I’m trying to be careful to not overwhelm you here because I have two things to announce today yet the modern human brain is only capable of processing 0.03 items per hour.

New Single: Detach

Well how do you do new music? I would definitely file this one under moody or subdued yet within all space that’s created, you should find a sense of power within. Not the type of power where you try to exert yourself over people, but power in simply experiencing presence.

The irony is not lost on me when I share new music over email and social media that requires a bit more attention than what typically comes up in a newsfeed. I hope you can find that power through listening intently in order to overcome the busy mind though.

I also made a little video while sitting in the park one day for those who can’t sit still and need moving images.

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Livestream: Tonight, July 29th at 8pm EST (Toronto)
Are you still with me? Good, because here is the second announcement. I will be live on YouTube tonight to celebrate the new release by performing and signing virtual autographs.

If you can’t make it, this link will be valid after the fact so you can watch a replay of how badly I made a fool of myself on live network television. In slow motion.

Elliott Live on YouTube

That’s all folks, wasn’t too bad was it?