Rain Therapy

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Today’s podcast is a long recording of a rainstorm that happened last week in Toronto, which is July 2021, that’s the summer, 2021 years after Jesus. 

I would say my biggest disclaimer is that it would be difficult to listen to this episode while you’re out and about. You will probably want to listen on headphones to enter into the space. Beyond that I don’t want to prescribe what sort of attention you must pay to the sounds of this storm. 

In some ways it felt like a fraud preparing this recording, because you know, it’s not me playing music and trying to show off whatever skill I’ve picked up along the way in life.

Yet when I sat down to edit and mix this piece I became aware that from start to finish this soundscape is just as poetic as any piece of music that I could write, which typically has some sort of battle between the ego and the self at play. 

The field recording is almost the closest thing you can get to removing the ego because the action or “doing” of the project is essentially surrendering to the power of the planet. 

I take my portable recorder, I hit record and walk away. Later on I listen back to the results, like developing film.

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My latest piece of music, Detach is on streaming services this Thursday, July 29th (pre-save link). It’s a very nice piece so I’m happy to be releasing or detaching my grip on it 😅.

I will be going live to celebrate its release on this Thursday as well, at 8pm. Link to follow.

From a journal entry I wrote sometime last year, slightly before the pandemic:

A drug to motivate yourself? It’s called will. The idea that you intentionally put yourself on this planet.


Have a great day and enjoy a bagel or any other treat that fills your soul. Spend time in nature for a few breaths of fresh air.

Something to ask yourself: What relationship do you have with the weather? Does a rainy day make you sad or excite you because you can actually stay inside and focus?

Elliott “Pumpernickel” Fienberg

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