Who is Mr. Tunes?

The mystery of a man who walked the barren landscape that is funky soulful music in Canada for probably a decade is examined in this week’s podcast, including how was assigned this name at a posh summer camp.

But there is some other housekeeping along the way, such as a public service announcement regarding how to put the turmoil of the world in perspective, and a quick listen to one of my favourites Raymond Scott.

The podcast is now available on just about any platform, which highlights the scary reality that my frightening ideology of calm and peace in the face of events outside one’s control may spread further.

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Music featured:

  • Shape and Dillate - Elliott Fienberg (link)

  • Portafino 1 - Raymond Scott (link)

  • Chatting on a Pond - Mr. Tunes (link)

  • The Sirens of Peace - Mr. Tunes (link)

  • The Asian Secret - Mr. Tunes (link)

Sound clip: A Dispatch From Outer Space on The New York Times' Daily Podcast (link)

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Live Stream!

Mark your calendars for Saturday May 22nd at 9pm EST as I will be doing a live stream on YouTube. I’ll email about this again during the week, don’t worry.

Four Track Snack Pack

Of course, Raymond Scott makes his way into the Four Track Snack Pack this week alongside some other tasty selections.

  • Portafino 1 - Raymond Scott

  • Prayer - Hania Rani

  • Barcarole - Felix Rösch

  • Recycling - Manu Delago

Or listen on YouTube.

Adios amigos, the beat goes on… One bar of music, one email, one podcast and one bagel at a time.

Elliott “Poppy Seed Forever” Fienberg